BOOM, clap, the sound of my heart


Yesterday I went to my first ever spinning class. When I tore the tendon in my knee years ago the physiotherapist told me that cycling was an excellent way of strengthening the muscles and tendons. Skip forward a good half decade and I finally decided to take her up on her advice. Part of the #HHHChallenge is to try something new and when they took over the whole of Boom Cycle’s Shoreditch (that place in East London which seems to be the epicentre of all things cool) Studio there was no way they could keep me away.

The class was run by Bangs, an instructor with the most amazing abs I have seen (ones that I want), and the ability to motivate me to pedal faster and at a higher resistance unlike anyone else. I have heard so many stories about spin classes where everyone complains of how painful it is, how much they don’t like it, and how much they wish it to be over that I wasn’t expecting myself to enjoy this. It was a form of exercise I was prepared to hate.

But…the big but, I didn’t. In fact I kind of loved it. I don’t know if every Boom Cycle class is like this but yesterday’s class was done in the light of a single candle with music so loud I couldn’t hear my body protesting. Bangs’ playlist was incredible – she had the songs with the perfect beat for spinning and as one track made way for another, the beat would slow down or speed up, and with that our legs. We were in the seat and out of the seat and leaning forwards and leaning back.


I found myself willingly increasing the resistance, willingly pushing myself to pedal faster, and willing to go harder. And because of all of this I sweated more than I ever have running – for the first time in my life I had beads of sweat dripping down my face. And what’s more not only did I complete the class but I enjoyed it and I want to do it again. I am so glad that the #HHHChallenge gave me the chance to do this.


Also since I am doing the cycle leg in a triathlon relay next year it’s good to know that I actually like cycling.

IMG_2099.JPGMy post cycling treat


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