It’s all about the Pudsey cake

If you live in the UK (or more recently have a passing interest in British TV and access to the World Wide Web) then you’ve probably heard of Children in Need. It’s a charity which raises money for disadvantaged children in the UK and abroad. This week I have spent my mornings helping BBC Radio 2’s live auctions where amazing prizes were auctioned off to the highest bidder with all proceeds going to CiN.

Today was the last day and to celebrate there was a cake to end all cakes – of Pudsey the CiN mascot. However as much as I loved how it looked I couldn’t bring myself to actually eat any of it – that’s just too much sugar and too much food colouring for such an early time in the morning.


And while the volunteering has left me exhausted, as someone told me, it’s good for the soul. Plus taking bids in the love auction was ridiculously exciting.

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