Once Upon a Time I was a Games Maker

As in a London 2012 Games Maker. A volunteer representing one of the best cities in the world during one of the greatest sporting events ever. This year all the members in my team are going to be getting together for our third reunion and it’s got me in a reminiscing mood. It was a truly brilliant time.


I cannot tell you how amazing this whole experience was and I wanted to share some of my memories with you all. I was based in Heathrow Airport where my role was to welcome athletes and dignitaries to London. One of the coolest aspects was bidding the athletes farewell once the Games was over. Not because I was happy the Games were over but because for probably the first and last time ever I saw  Olympic medals. This medal belonged to the Russian Gymnast  who won gold. I wanted too hold it but was quite terrified of her and knew better than to ask. So i got a picture instead.IMG_5967.JPGThe Korean team had landed. I insisted on helping, the didn’t need help but were too polite to tell me to f*** off. This suitcase was the heaviest thing I have ever had to drag and it was only when I got to the bus that I realised it was one of those fancy suitcases that walks along next to you. Also look how short my hair was!IMG_5396.JPGAnd then of course there were the athletes – present and retired. I love the athletes. We weren’t allowed to ask them for photographs but I am a rule breaker: it’s how I roll. IMG_5379.JPG



IMG_5994.JPGBy the end all of us were slightly loopy and we decided to channel our inner cheerleaders and spell out some words with our bodies. The best we could do was B Y E, but even then it doesn’t look all that much like it. But like I said, I am a rebel.  And my Es are strange. IMG_5992.JPG

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