Working my Sweat with BoomCycle and Get the Gloss


Earlier this week I went to a Get the Gloss and Boomcycle event – one all about the importance of food when trying to improve fitness. Called Sweatworking, it only came to my attention because of one of the women from the Be:Fit London’s Hot, Healthy and Happy Challenge community! I will always be grateful to her for bringing this event to my attention since I had a really good time.

IMG_2537.JPGIt all began with a spin class in the BoomCycle meaning of the word. I am starting to love exercising in almost complete darkness. Our instructor was Naomi and I have to admit that I kind of loved the way she ran the class. The music was amazing and she had the best way of motivating me – this class was for me to be incredible not for other people to judge me, not for her to check and score me, but for me to push me.


After the class there was a moment to cool down, have a beer and some champagne (the best post work out treat ever), and sample some of The Urban Kitchen’s delicious recipes. I had the tofu option which was so tasty that I may have gone for seconds…and maybe thirds *ahem*. As I ate (everyone else had finished by this point) we listened to a talk from Toral, the Director and Owner of The Urban Kitchen. With a medical degree she spoke about food the way magazines can’t speak about food – she had knowledge and facts on her side. She talked about what we should eat before and after exercise and how important carbs are for a healthy diet. I was so thrilled to hear this because it’s what I have thought my whole life – that food is good for you. All types of food.



She followed by Lydia McCall, a holistic health coach who spoke about the emotional triggers people have which causes binge eating, the eating of food you don’t really need and the feelings of guilt often associated with eating. I really enjoyed listening to her and paid particular attention to her techniques of knowing if you want food because you are hungry or if you want food because of an emotional trigger (mainly it’s all about breathing).


Then it was Ed Foy, the Director of Press cold-pressed juices. He advocated the health benefits of juicing but what I really found so refreshing to hear was that he wants all of us to have a balance in life. Be good to your body because it’s pretty amazing (something I am learning constantly about myself) and eat food you enjoy. I am already a big fan of juicing but I don’t like the fact that there is so much wastage from cold press juicing – especially all that fibre.


The last talk we had was Marika from Shock Absorber and was explaining the importance of sports bras when working out. If you wear trainers when you work out you should wear a sports bra. Couldn’t agree more.



The whole event was so brilliant, a really sweaty, interesting evening and I am so glad I went. As the cherry on a particularly fantastic cake, we were all given the best goody bag in the history of the world. Seriously, all the things in there I will use. I can’t thank BoomCycle and Get The Gloss enough for arranging this event and I hope they do more – it was so much fun.


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