Reviewing B. J. Novak’s The Book with No Pictures


When I was given the chance to review B.J. Novak’s The Book With No Pictures I didn’t have to think long about it. A children’s book with no pictures? Yes please.

When I started reading it I didn’t know what to expect – it’s been a while since I have actually read something for children. As The Book With No Pictures starts of by saying, children (and adults – meaning me) may find this book boring but it isn’t because all the words written down have to be read. All of them, no matter how silly. And there are some very silly words in the book. As a concept this is brilliant. It puts the kids in charge and even though it’s the adult reading they are being held accountable. Very cool.

What I loved was that there was an adult voice in the book reacting to the silliness expected of them – it was clever and very fun. I was sent a digital copy of the book and as I read it my mum came over and asked what I was finding so funny. So I read the book out to her. We had far too much fun reading all the silly words and making all the noises. I know neither of us are the target audience but that didn’t stop us from enjoying what we were reading.

It’s a fun, clever and thoroughly enjoyable book. I can’t wait till it’s released into the wild (on the 4th of December) and read the reaction from parents and children.

Even though it isn’t on sale yet it is available for pre-ordering from all good and bad retailers, including Waterstones, Foyles, and and Amazon, RRP £12.99.

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