Meeting Farm Boy himself, Cary Elwes last night at Waterstones Piccadilly


The Princess Bride has to be one of my favourite movies ever. This is because it is all kinds of amazing. I have always suspected that the filming of this movie was just full of laughter and farting and with the release of Cary Elwes’ new book you realise just how right you are. As You Wish is a behind the scenes look at that filming process – how the cast came together, how key scenes were filmed, and what it really was like to be on that set. To promote this book Cary Elwes, Farm Boy and Dread Pirate Roberts himself came to London and last night I went along to listen to him talk (and maybe drool a little…a lot).




Waterstones Piccadilly hosts some of the best events ever and this has to be right up there. I just want to say right from the beginning how charming and nice Cary Elwes was. Niceness is such an overlooked trait. He was funny, went out of his way to know people’s names and engaged with the audience. Once the event was over I actually spoke to a Waterstones Bookseller who told me that he was like that with them and other staff members too.


Anyway back to the event. He was being asked questions by Kath a self-confessed fan of the books and her questions were amazing. All of them led to an anecdote, the most brilliant of which were the moment Andre the Giant let out the biggest fat in the history of the world, how Billy Crystal was told to just go for it when filming the Miracle Max scenes, and how much work was put into the greatest sword fight of all time.


After the talk (which lasted over an hour – the longest I have ever been to and I didn’t look at my phone once) there was a book signing. The queue was epic to Friend and I remained seated until the very end, talking all things Princess Bride. Did I mention that Waterstones were playing The Princess Bride music in the background? No? They were.




  1. Violet 27th November 2014 / 2:07 pm

    That sounds amazing and it’s nice to know he comes across so well. His book has been added to my Christmas wish list 🙂

    • Rosh 27th November 2014 / 2:09 pm

      I definitely recommend it! If you are a fan of the movie then this is such a cool trip down memory lane with so many behind the scenes stories. Really, really good

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