Sweaty Betty X Richard Nicoll


I love how fashionable fitness has become. There are all these very cool pop-up classes happening and sportswear has really come into its own. Wearing trainers in public isn’t just for tourists and people who think the daily commute is strenuous on their feet (seriously, just get some better shoes) and even rucksacks are staring to become far more wearable. You see sportswear on runways and designers are collaborating with fitness brands, creating a whole new niche in fashion. This is exactly what designer Richard Nicoll has done with Sweaty Betty and the results are fab-u-lous.

I love colours and patterns in my work out gear (a reason why I always love adidas by Stella McCartney) but the simplicity and structural beauty of these pieces has really made me question my aversion to white sportswear. Just have a look at these. I especially love the behind the scenes images where you can see a lot more of the collection.



I am glad that it’s all not going to be white. I always worry about white. But Sweaty Betty go out of their way to create sports clothing which is 100% opaque – if they do the same with these pieces then I will have no problem at all.

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The only item I am not a massive fan of are the silver pool slides. Why are pool slides all over the place? I value arch support and they look like they have none. Also in the picture above is the woman’s big toe missing?


The 10 piece collection is going to be on sale early next year and I look forward to actually seeing it in the flesh.

Images from Sweatybetty.com and Wallpaper.com

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