Meeting Kazuo Ishiguro at The Tabernacle


This event was only brought to my attention through a friend and her excitement was contagious. The two of us made our way to the venue, a converted church called The Tabernacle, ready to listen to and meet Kazuo Ishiguro, the man behind The Remains of the Day and Never Let Go. This event was part of the Guardian Live series of events so as well as a signing there would be a talk and a chance for the audience to ask questions.

The Tabernacle is such a beautiful church and before the event started we ventured into their gallery and had some delicious fresh peppermint tea.





And then it was time for the event. In the tradition of Guardian Live events they usually speak to an author who has a new book out but don’t speak to them about the new book, but instead concentrate on their backlist. So the talk focussed on the incredible The Remains of the Day.





It was so wonderful listening to Kazuo Ishiguro talk about this book and it brought back so many memories since I read it a while ago. I loved hearing him talk about the ending and the mixture of futility and hope that made that ending so very sad. Stevens’ relationship with Miss Kenton was discussed, the two different types of dignity and how Stevens moves from one to the other, and why Kazuo Ishiguro decided to include one moment in the book when Stevens revealed his broken heart.

After all the secrets and anecdotes, there was a book signing.


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