A Session with Bootcamp Pilates

logo-1020x230Be:Fit London keep sending everyone doing the #HHHChallenge to some of the coolest classes around. Earlier this week we were all given the chance to go to Bootcamp Pilates, where instead of using mats you use Reformer machines and where you spend the whole class, stretching, sweating, and jumping. It’s a bootcamp class after all.

Our trainer for the evening was James Woodhouse and he has to be one of the nicest people I have ever been trained by (plus the music he chose to play was epic. Run Boy Run by Woodkid? Like I said, epic). He put us all through our paces with squats, jumping jacks, burpees, before getting us one to the Reformer machines where we concentrated on our core.




Now I am pretty sure my core is a jelly like substance which is more than happy to exist and not have a six pack. Thankfully my brain has loftier ambitions for it so I powered through the core strengthening exercises. Actually powering through is probably the wrong way of describing it. Everything we did on the machines was controlled and calculated and very, very slow. Today, a few days after the class I feel the effects on my stomach and ribs. Thanks to the #HHHChallenge these muscles haven’t ever had such a good workout.


I wasn’t able to take many photos sadly (since I was far too busy sweating) and the photos that I did take aren’t of the best quality, but one of the other HHH ladies took a group photo of us all. After the class we are all still smiling. That’s a definite win-win.


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