The Underground Film Club – #livecolourful

Sometimes it’s painfully obvious how cool London really is. There is so much to do, so many bits of the city to explore. Last night I went under Waterloo Station and to the Underground Film Club so that I could watch Pride (review coming later).


The Underground Film Club provides such a unique film going experience. You can hear the trains passing overhead and the movie is heard through headphones. I loved this bit because I could laugh as loud as I liked and not disturb anyone else (this is novel. usually someone tells me to keep my laughter down which only eggs me to be louder).


The headphones work on a simple on-off principle. You click the button to turn them on. Was I able to do that? No. I pressed and pressed, and no light came on. So I went to go and get some help. As soon as I handed the headphones to one of the best looking men I have ever seen (hello, you are very good looking) it started working. As my mum would say, sod’s law.




There was food available and both Friend and I had a delicious vegetarian hotdog (made from beetroot) and sauerkraut before demolishing  a heap of nachos (so much cheese, delicious cheese). In between all the eating we went into the photoboth.

I think it’s safe to say that we both #livecolourful.



The whole experience was amazing and I can’t thank Bulmers Cider enough for the tickets. A brilliant evening and a brilliant film.


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