It’s Going to be a Vegetarian Christmas


Ah Christmas. It’s just around the corner, about to descend on us all. For me this is less about presents (the sale is one day after, I can wait) and more about food. The whole family is at home and we spend most of the day cooking and the rest of the day watching TV in a food induced semi-coma. This year I am prepared.

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The first book is Anna Jones’ A Modern Way to Eat. It’s one of the most beautiful cook books I have. The second is Thug Kitchen’s Eat Like You Give a F***. This has to be the most sweary cook book ever (actually are there any other cookbooks which swear at all?). I love it though I am curious as to Mother’s reaction. I expect it to be one of glee – last night I was teaching her how to swear in sign language and I have never heard her giggle so much. As the years have gone by her attitude towards bad language has definitely relaxed. 
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So far I have only leafed through both books. The actual planning of what we are going to make during Christmas will probably require loads of deliberation and discussion.


But with books like these at least we will be spoilt for choice.


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