Brunch at Jackson + Rye

2Is it strange that I have never had brunch before, in the traditional sense of the word? I love breakfast too much to ever miss it so my brunch should always be a second breakfast, first lunch combination. This was the case yesterday – I tried to hold off eating breakfast, I really did (for about two minutes) – as a proper brunch should be had on an empty stomach (I just made that up). Maybe just being hungry counts? Regardless I found my way to Jackson + Rye yesterday afternoon so that I could have some brunch. Though it was well after midday that I ate. Is that linner?

I think I am thinking about this too much.

Like all food establishments I go to, I looked at the menu beforehand and knew exactly what I was going to order – their Avocado Benedict. And some pancakes to share on the table.

I want to specifically mention the staff at Jackson + Rye. I was early for my brunch/linner date with my friends and staff made me feel welcome and had no problem with me sitting at a table until friends arrived. And one particular staff member was incredibly friendly. It makes such a difference.

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And back to the food. The Avocado Benedict was delicious. Usually it comes with bacon but I asked for there to be no bacon (vegetarianism). On the table to share we had waffles. Delicious, delicious waffles. My only comment about the food is that there wasn’t a large vegetarian selection. I am very glad that they had no problem at all removing the bacon from my dish but it would have been lovely if there was a specific avocado based dish for vegetarians (if there was then I missed it). Along with this we had a basket of pastries and some truly delicious pancakes to share. Maple syrup may be my favourite thing.


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I also decided to have a bloody mary. I love this drink yet the only time I have ever had it is on a plane and we all know plane food and drink isn’t really food or drink. So this was my first ever proper bloody mary. Delicious. Loved the peppery aftertaste.

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I really do recommend Jackson + Rye. the food is delicious, staff really friendly and atmosphere very welcoming.

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