Games at Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that whatever you’re doing, whether you celebrate the day or not, you are having a good time. My family use this time as the perfect time to spend together. All the cooking was done yesterday and so today is about games and eating and laughing.

Very recently I actually found myself in Hamleys, this massive toy store in London which is always full of really demanding children. I had to buy something as a Secret Santa gift but I did take some time to look around the place. There are so many board games out there which I haven’t even heard of. Times have really changed haven’t they?

It got me in a nostalgic mood and today Sister and I pulled out some of our favourites.

Do they even make this game any more? The whole family loves Sorry! and we get huge pleasure from killing each other’s players and sending them back to the very beginning.

And then there is Uno, possibly the best cards in the world. This particular pack was bought the first time Sister and I went to Florida – circa 1995. They are definitely and antique. I love revision gold favourites during Christmas. Good times.

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