Armchair Travelling

It’s the day after the day after Christmas. The day after was spent sale shopping (so much lovely stuff) but today has been spent armchair travelling with some of the most stunning travel and culture publication ever. Hello Boat, thanks for firing up my imagination.


I love armchair travelling when cost and geography is no limitation and instead of copying other travel publications Boat dedicates a whole issue to that one city.

I love this – it’s so immersive, so absorbing. And full of actual depth about a city rather than just the surface being scratched.

I spend so much of my time dreaming about travel, wanting to explore and discover. These magazines make my feet so itchy. 2015 is so close – I hope it’s a year of travelling.


I have four issues and have spent all day curled up, reading. I really, really want the London issue – my London is so different to the London in travel guides and magazines I would love to see if Boat’s version matches mine.

Until then, I’ll be in Lima. Or Detroit.

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