New Year’s Resolutions? I love them. I like to wave at them as they pass by

New Year’s Resolutions are a strange thing aren’t they? So much importance is placed on them and an equal amount of heartbreak because for some reason January is the month of Guilt and Gym, both with capital letters. In January 2014 I gave myself two resolutions to follow and I wanted to try and make them as free of judgement as possible:

1) Take the stairs instead of the lift all the time and,

2) Don’t ever weigh yourself on the scales.

So how did I do?

I was very, very good with the stairs. The only time I took the lift was if I was feeling particularly sweaty and needed to cool down slightly before introducing my colleagues to my BO. I managed to make other people take the stairs with me. It was good. As for not using the scales, I think in 2014 I weighed myself 3 times. I used to be obsessed with how much I weighed – at least once a day I would check, so bringing that down to 3 is huge for me and my mindset. I am going to carry both resolutions into 2015 (but since they are now habits maybe it isn’t right t call them resolutions) but I want to bring the 3 down to 0.

When 2014 started I didn’t want to force myself to do anything which would bring me pain – like joining a gym. In January they are full of people who feel guilty and determined and I always rather run outside. I don’t want to limit my diet because I really love food – all types – and thoroughly enjoy eating. Plus they are massive life changing decisions which add to the pain that is a cold and dark January. I have given myself these kind of all-encompassing life changing resolutions before and when I can’t get the results I want as quickly as I want and when I ‘break’ them I feel like a failure.

So like in 2014, I want my 2015 resolutions to be far more achievable. And here they are:

1) Meditate for at least a minute a night. After attending a mindfulness session earlier this year, I know I can do this.

2) Stop spending money on things I will never use. I read other blogs and newspapers and scroll through twitter feed endlessly. I am assaulted with things to buy all the time, things I think I need and things I think I want. I want 2015 to be the year when I can actually tell the difference between really needing something and lust for a product.

3) Go on holiday. Go on many, many holidays to as many beautiful places as possible. I would also love to go on holiday by myself. I have never done this before and I think I need to. I also want to.

And those are my resolutions. I am ending 2014 knowing what I want out of 2015 and also knowing that I will probably mess up and some I might not be able to achieve and I am OK with that (for the most part). I also know that these resolutions may change because they are not set in stone and I am OK with that too.

So what have you all decided your 2015 is going to be about? Are you going to have resolutions?

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