Hooked on a Feeling

Today is a strange sort of day. Things are kind of, almost back to normal but only in the vaguest sense of the word. It’s a Friday and the day after the first day of the New Year (yay, New Year). I am singing Blue Swed’s Hooked on a Feeling and eating roasted chestnuts thinking about how much they look like the human brain.

But back to the song. I watched Guardians of the Galaxy last night and even with the DVD freezing all the time and the sound being completely out of sync with moving mouths (the DVD is swiftly being returned) I realised that this movie has possibly the best soundtrack ever. It also has the best pelvic sorcery ever.

When this song came on I may have turned the volume so loud that Doctor Sister may have felt the need to shout at me. There is always a song of the moment for me and for this moment it’s the song released in 1974 (1968 originally). I know I am going to be playing this song on repeat until I get fed up. But I think this will be long after Doctor Sister has.

So as I listen to this song on repeat and eat some brains chestnuts I realise that there was one resolution I didn’t post in my last post, the one I need to implement more than any of the others, the one that I find the hardest. I am going to be kind to myself. I am going to fall in love with myself. I am going to accept me for all the reasons I am imperfectly perfect and I am going to stop thinking about what could have been. I am hooked onto this feeling of hope. Hope that this resolution I can implement into my daily life.

Pretty sure that the Star-Lord doesn’t worry about the size of his butt in those leathers or his flyaway hair when introducing Gamora to the aforementioned pelvic sorcery. He is lovely as he is and I am lovely as I am.

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