Ice, ice baby

Today Doctor Sister and I took a trip into London Town as she had booked us tickets to an ice bar.


I have always wanted to go to an ice bar but I always assumed I would have to go to somewhere like Iceland to enjoy the pleasure. While I definitely still want to go to Iceland at least I have been to a very cool ice bar. A very, very cold one.

We were all given a poncho and gloves to wear and though I didn’t use the hood once inside it was very funny to see just how munchkin-esque I would become in one.



The drinks were delicious and I was ridiculously glad that they had straws. If my lips had touched the glass I’m pretty sure I would have had a comedy cartoon moment when my lips would have stuck to glass.

Sadly most of the photos we took inside the bar were grainy but I love the blueish tint they all had.

We couldn’t stay for very long – we could both feel our fingers starting Tito burn from the cold but it was such a brilliant experience. Next, staying in an ice hotel.

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