Stretch it out

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I don’t know why but I never used to be a fan of stretching. It’s a strange non-habit I have. I just start running and when I finish I just finish. There is no warming up period or cooling down and there certainly aren’t any stretches. But the more I run the less flexible I become. Stretching is now an integral part of my routine.

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I love the above stretch – the first time I was ever introduced to it was when I saw the promotion for the movie Serenity and Summer Glau was showing me up with her flexibility. I can really feel it in my hamstring and calf.

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I run with knee supports (torn tendons in university all round) so when I take them off and can properly stretch I love it.  I remember doing this stretch in school and never being able to keep my balance. Thankfully, my balance is so much better now.

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After a run standing on my tiptoes is one of the hardest things ever. My calves are aching. This one is a new stretch I do and I don’t think I have mastered it properly yet. If I hold it too long it feels lactic acid is building up. Hmmm…I definitely need to finesse this one.

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Of course I do more than these three stretches but my Mum who decided to take the photographs felt cold and headed back inside. I decided to make use of the winter sun. I understand now how important stretching is and how good it is for your body. It’s just that sometimes it takes far too long. photo (5)

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  1. Violet 12th January 2015 / 3:10 pm

    I did a lot of dancing growing up so I love doing stretching sessions. Sadly my flexability isn’t what it used to be! I do a lunchtime pilates and a yoga class which is helping though. Am definitely going to add the Serenity stretch to my cool down, thanks 🙂

    • Rosh 12th January 2015 / 3:21 pm

      (I can’t believe I wrote Firefly! Changed to Serenity now!) I have heard such amazing things about both pilates and yoga in terms of flexibility but I am not surprised that it’s not the same as compared to dancing!

      I hope you enjoy that stretch! It has to be one of my absolute favourites

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