Every single fitness instagram/twitter/Facebook feed I follow is full of women who don’t look like me. Most of the look like this idealised version of a fake man’s perfect woman. I don’t look like that and I don’t want to look like that. As time has passed I’ve found some women whose body shape and goals I can relate to but it’s still not enough. So when I heard about the #ThisGirlCan campaign my heart sang a little. Then I saw the advert and may have fallen a little in love with the fact that I am a woman who likes running and jiggling and sweating.

#ThisGirlCan campaign is the initiative of Sport England¬†and they want to encourage women to get into sport. I love the campaign and I think it works. It The women remind me of me all the time. That’s how I look when I am working out, that’s how much fun I have and how much I sweat. I hope so much it inspires other people.


There is one thing which really annoys me – this campaign isn’t for girls, it is for women. The women in the advert aren’t children. I can understand from a design point of view why the word ‘girls’ works better but I loathe being called that. I am not a girl.


But as far as criticisms go, I can live with that one. I really can. I know that the benefits of such a campaign outweigh my issues with the word girl. Just seeing women looking as if they have actually worked out on TV is amazing.

But what do you all think? Of the campaign and the posters?


  1. katieehubbard 18th January 2015 / 8:57 pm

    I think it’s great that we’re encouraging women to accept themselves exercising – whether that be sweaty, beetroot red or with slightly more weight than they’d like. The biggest problen isn’t men’s perceptions of women exercising – it’s women’s perception of themselves! Together, I believe that can change.

    • Rosh 18th January 2015 / 9:45 pm

      How true! It’s not about the male gaze at al.

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