It’s #NTCWeek and this morning I went on a run

NTC Week has to be the coolest things to happen in January. Run by Nike it’s a week of classes for anyone and everyone to be a part of. This morning I went on a six kilometre run in Shoreditch (hello epicentre of cool, we meet again) where the weather was close to freezing and the enthusiasm sky high.


I love running – it is the one activity I will always feel at home doing. And I am not used to running in a group. I met women from the #HHHChallenge and had a marvellous time.

Sadly I didn’t take many pictures but there were photographers with us so hopefully I’ll be able to post images at a later date. But I found the below image on Twitter and have to share.

I mentioned that it was cold. This blurry image is proof of how cold it was about half an hour before the run started.


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