Reviewing David Duchovny’s Holy Cow

When you hear about a book written by David Duchovny that stars a cow called Elise who doesn’t want to be eaten, Shalom, a pig who wants to go to Isreal, and Tom a Turkey who wants to go to Turkey, you know it’s a book you should read. In fact reading it was a need more than a want.

I was lucky enough to get a proof copy and ditched my ereader in favour of a paperback on the commute because I loved this book. There was no way I couldn’t read it and devour it.

Elise, Shalom, and Tom escape from their farm in order to get to their respective paradise. This is the plot in a sentence and while part of me want to tell you all exactly what happens (I love my spoilers and I am a sharer) I am not going to. Holy Cow is ridiculously funny, full of wit and morality and you all deserve to discover it without me telling you what happens.

As I have said, I loved this book. It was wonderful and David Duchovny writes with such humour that I loved it. I actually laughed out loud on the train, and if you take the London Underground in the morning you know that not many other places are as silent. Holy Cow is a truly unique story in the good way, not the bad way – it succeeds in being a story with strong moral fibre without being boring.

I really hope David Duchovny does some London based events – I would love to pester him to write more!

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