#NTC at Nike Town

photo (1)There is something really strange about being in a store before it officially opens. Last week, very early in the morning I was in Oxford Circus’s Nike Town before doors opened waiting for the NTC class to begin. It’s strange – I wanted to browse but didn’t because I have no idea what the protocol is when a shop is officially still closed. But it wasn’t long before shopping was the last thing on my mind as the workout began. It was a combination of weights and resistance training and I loved it.

I don’t use weights or resistance bands when I train so this whole workout was an eye-opener (and a body hurter) for me, especially the resistance bands. Of course I’d heard of them but I’d never used them before and I left the class knowing that they are amazing.

photo 1 (1)

photo 3
Image from @r_wat’s Instagram

In fact, the whole workout was amazing. It was a brilliant, energetic way to start the morning. Plus the breakfast after was delicious. Supplied by 26Grains my plan was to savour it and make it last until lunch. I failed at that miserably – once I started there was no way I could stop.

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