Deliciously Ella at Anthropologie in Regent Street 

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be one of the few people who managed to get a ticket to Anthropologie’s latest event – a chat, Q & A, and book signing by Ella Woodward aka Deliciously Ella. Her blog, and now stunning cook book, promote vegetables (something she is passionate about) and she has raised the profile of veganism hugely. It was wonderful listening to her story last night and has inspired me to look far more closely at what I eat too. And also think about the way I take photographs of food.

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Interviewed by Calgary Avansino, both women spoke about making vegetables and veganism accessible to the masses, its recent increase in popularity, and how beneficial eating plants is. Ella mentioned one technique which I thought was genius – if you want to increase your daily intake of fruits and veg but know that thinking of it as a diet won’t work then the best way is to add a portion of fruit or veg to your normal everyday meal. So have your normal breakfast with added berries, lunch with added avocado, and dinner with added sweat potato. That’s three extra portions a day and this quickly builds up. Before you know it, eating fruit and veg has become a routine.  I thought this tip was genius. It’s all well and good encouraging people to eat healthy but it can be incredibly daunting.

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This has to be one of the best things about Ella and her food – it’s so accessible. I don’t feel daunted looking at a recipe and know that I will be able to make it. I also know that when I do make it, it will be tasty.

At one point in the conversation Ella listed the six items she thinks everyone should always have in their home. Annoyingly I can’t remember them all but here is what I can remember – almond butter, tahini, tamari, and a good selection of spices. If anyone else was at the event and remembers what I have forgotten, let me know! She also introduced me to the ‘dirty dozen’, a list of the twelve fruits and vegetables which are treated with the most pesticides. Buying organic is expensive and if you can’t afford to go completely organic then these twelve is a good place to start.

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We also got the chance to try some of Ella’s power balls – sweet without the use of any sugar – in honour of their creator, delicious.

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I think the thing I loved most about last night was the fact that both Ella and Calgary emphasised how the way they eat shouldn’t be seen as a diet. Eating plants is a lifestyle and I silently cheered at this. I hate diets and I don’t ever want to do one but eating healthy for the rest of my life is definitely something I can get on board with.

Deliciously Ella’s self titled book is out on Thursday in the UK – that was another very cool thing about the event – getting the book early!

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