Yoga at One Mayfair

photo 4 (5)Last week Nike hosted an incredible week of fitness classes and the last one was a yoga class in the stunning One Mayfair. I have never done a yoga class before and I am certainly not a yogi but for me the whole week was for trying new things and pushing my body. So of course there was no way I wouldn’t go.

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One Mayfair has to be the lovliest place I have ever been in. It’s a converted Church and the hall the class was in still had the original fixtures (apart from the pews). The room was darkly lit with candles and spot lights. I can just imagine the disco feel to the place and it gave the whole act of doing yoga a really fun element that I loved.

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I have always found yoga intimidating and, even though they aren’t very similar, pilates more accessible. The slow languid moves, the power, the strength – I don’t have that. But I am always willing to try something new.  And you know what? I had a really good time. I couldn’t do half the stuff through a combination of lack of skill and lack of understanding. The instructions were delivered slowly with care and I still had no idea where my leg was supposed to go. At one point there was a binding where one arms finds the other through a leg. I know I am flexible enough to do that but knowing where to weave my arms through was another story.

I could feel my body straining at some of the stretches. And at some points actually hurting. Whenever that happened I eased the pressure on myself and let myself relax into the stretch. I would love to do a yoga class in a more intimate setting – I need so much instruction before I can ever make the moves flow from one to the other.

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Saying that, I am so glad I tried it. I could feel how much looser my body was, how relaxed I was. I have always wanted to take yoga up and this was a brilliant way of knowing that I need to take yoga up.

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Image from @ToniYogiLondon’s twitter account.

As this was part of #NTCWeek, Nike didn’t let us all just go home. There was so much food for us to have and I ended up with the most delicious courgette pasta with avocado and vegan pesto. It was heaven in a cardboard box and the perfect way to end an epic week.

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Thanks Nike!

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I am sorry for the quality of most of the pictures – all taken with an iPhone and we know how that reacts to any amount of darkness.

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  1. LycraLover 10th February 2015 / 10:46 am

    The photos were great. Really interesting visually – kind of like fitness in church. Thanks for the post.

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