The London Winter Run

photo 2 (11)Yesterday Doctor Sister and I went on a run across London Town – from Buckingham Palace to Tower Hill, past the Shard and St Paul’s Cathedral – all to raise money for Cancer Research. It was the first ever London Winter Run and like its name says it was freezing cold. That didn’t stop us from conquering the 10k or thoroughly enjoy or celebratory hug with a polar bear.

photo 1 (11)

My before and after polar bear photos look exactly the same – hello messy hair!

Fitness First conducted the warm up and had us jump squatting (with a high five at the top) for so long that I was pretty sure I was going to wet myself with all the jumping (not good since there was 10k of jumping to follow). But as Sister and I started to run I forgot about my bladder and just had fun. Doctor Sister hasn’t had time to train as much as she would have liked and I wanted to run with her so both of us knew that we weren’t going to clock a fast time. So instead we chatted and just had fun along the whole route.

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It was a lovely route and we had the chance to run on roads that normally would be full of cars and traffic. At some points the freezing wind was so cold that I could feel my ears turning into little sculptures stuck on the side of my head. But that was nothing compared to Doctor Sister’s hands which were so cold, even by the end of the race, that she had trouble moving her fingers.

photo 3 (9)

I have to admit that the Snow Zones were fun but I didn’t like how cold the snow was. As for the Swiss Tunnel (or whatever it was) I didn’t get it at all. There was a massive Swiss flag on the wall and I can only assume that they were sponsors of some kind. What I did love were the cow bells official motivators and cheerleaders had. That was a fantastic sound.

photo 3 (10)

At the end of the run, after a glorious sprint finish, to the sounds of Uptown Funk, I fell into the arms of a polar bear. They were warm and cuddly and gave the best possible hugs. Both Doctor Sister and I had to pose for some photos with them, and of course a selfie to two with our medals. Thanks Vita Coco for the drinks – we both love them.

photo 2 (12)

photo 1 (10)

As we were walking back to the bag collection point we spotted possible the loveliest dogs in the world. It was a wonderful end to a lovely, cold day running in London town.

photo 1 (12)

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