So it was the #HarryPotterBookNight last night and there was a scar on my forehead

photo 2 (4)I love my book events and I love my Harry Potter. When the two of them come together in this beautiful marriage of things I love I feel as if there may be an omnipotent presence and they like book events. Or there may just be loads of people who love the same things I do and made this happen. Who knows what the truth is? Last night was the first ever Harry Potter Book Night and Waterstones Piccadilly was throwing a party.

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photo 3 (4)Watsertones Piccadilly had lined up a series of guests. First up was Fleur who read passages from the first book (the book that was being celebrated). She read the sorting hat scene and the troll in the toilet scene – both of which are my favourites. Well actually the whole book is my favourite.

photo 1 (3)A member of staff from Pottermore revealed some of the things she’d learnt from the exclusive writing on the site. I had no idea that there were other magical platforms at King’s Cross station including Platform 7 ½ which is the platform to use if wanting to go on holiday to a magical village. Then Mugglenet came on stage and grilled us – but only after we grilled them first. Some of those questions were hard and just reminded me again that I need to read the books (again).

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The star guest of the evening has to have been Jonny Duddle, the man who illustrated all the rebranded covers. I love his covers and I think they are stunning. But it will take me a while to get used to them since they aren’t the ones I grew up with – they aren’t the ones I fell in love with. No matter since the whole point is to get new people into the books and there is no doubt that the new covers are beautifully illustrated. It was brilliant listening to him talk and explain the processes behind his artistic decisions.

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He had also brought a selection of prints with him and I think I fell in Love with the one of The Knight Bus. But then again all of them are fantastic.

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There was a fancy dress competition – I was wearing the Daily Prophet on my legs and sitting next to a Dumbledore and Harry Potter (both adults in fancy dress) with a light up wand but when you saw the winners, and their ages, there wasn’t a burning desire to push the child into the audience and grab the prize for ourselves. (This is only slightly a lie. I just about controlled myself). And last there was a book signing. I may have come away with a lot of stuff even though I own all the Harry Potter books.

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It was a really fantastic evening and I can’t wait for next year’s celebration. I will also be making sure I have a Slytherin scarf for all future events. I need one of those in my life. And maybe a costume.
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