Goodbye Orange Wednesday

8ebb2ce4-b57d-4cd7-b194-7845eb9045de-620x372How could I have not realised that the last ever chance for me to get 2-4-1 cinema tickets was yesterday and that if I ever want to go to the cinema now I have to shell out for a full priced ticket every time? This scheme started in 2003 when I was nothing more than a slip of a girl and it brought cinema to me and my family. We all loved it and now it’s over. How could I have missed the end of Orange Wednesdays?

It brought a whole creative industry to me and I threw myself into it. When my family and I started using Orange Wednesdays we could get cinema tickets for a family of four (two adults and two children) for under a tenner. This was the perfect from of cheap entertainment and we used to go every week. And I mean every week. It became our thing throughout my (and sister’s) high school life before we discovered London. And it wasn’t just for family entertainment – all my friends and I would go en masse after school, make sure there was always an even number of people, and spend hours watching movie after movie. It also brought people to me. Normally these people I would never associate with and only wanted me for my 2-4-1 code which I wouldn’t give them (it’s mine you cock), but it was nice to be wanted once a week by people who hadn’t ever spoken to me and managed to get my number from a traitor.

My family and I saw all the movies released in the 00s and 10s, sometimes we even went twice (but don’t tell my parents that – no matter how cheap it’s still a stupid waste of money to see something twice in the cinema). And as the years passed, the price became higher and higher until we were spending the best part of £30 for two adult tickets. So our visits slowly decreased, after all that money could be spent on more fun things that didn’t require us to be in a dark room with strangers who can’t shut up and spend the whole time looking at their phone.

In fact our cinema visits had dropped off so much that I don’t remember the last film I went to see with 2-4-1 Orange Wednesdays. Maybe I’m not as heartbroken as I would like to be. Maybe I’m not heartbroken at all and maybe that’s what is actually quite upsetting. I should be wailing and I should have dragged us all out to our local cinema for one last time. But it’s not as fun as it used to be. Other people are incredibly annoying, everything is very expensive (popcorn for a fiver? Are you insane?), and the sheer amount of adverts at the beginning of the film make me want to Hulk Smash.

It was wonderful while it lasted, wonderful when there was nothing else to do. It gave me and my family a lot of entertainment until it stopped being fun and started becoming a hassle. Maybe it is the right time for it to go: after all now we get something new.  Will anything be able to bring a whole industry to so many people? That’s the question isn’t it.

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