The Book That Built Me – SJ Watson

There are some book events which I think are a waste of time and some I enjoy. But none have ever been as innovative or as fun as Mrs Trefusis’ The Books That Built Me. Chocolate, alcohol and books – perfect.

Modelling itself around a book version of desert island disks, Mrs Trefusis asks her guests to pick a selection of books that have somehow shaped their lives or their point of view and the event is spent discussing these books. Earlier this week I went to my first ever #TBTBM session and it was with the thriller writer SJ Watson (I love him) who talked about the books which influenced him.

I had a fantastic time. I loved the interactive element and the feeling of discovery. There were so many books which I hadn’t even heard of, powerful books which I must read. As my friend and I travelled home we spent the whole train journey discussing the books we would choose and it was surprisingly difficult. There are so many book out there that I love, that I remember with fondness but have they changed my life?

I hadn’t read much about SJ Watson himself so going to this event was an introduction to the man himself. His decisions to start writing, his inspiration behind both his stories, and far more personal topics such as his decision to tell his family he was gay. It was wonderful to hear how powerful books are, how influential they can be.

I am petty sure I will be going to all future events run by Mrs Trefusis. Fantastic evening.

Only one image was taken by me (the middle one). They rest were taken by Mrs Trefusis and all credit belong to her.

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