BBC Good Food’s Eat Well Show

DSC_0216As most of you know from this blog, I have started to increase the amount I work out. I have specific goals in mind (triathlon, ripped abs, breaking Mo Farah’s two mile record) but my diet still needs lots and lots of modification and help. Enter, stage right, BBC Good Food’s Eat Well show. It was a completely spur of the moment trip but Mother Dearest and I had such a wonderful time.

The first stall we went to for Able & Cole who introduced the two of us to absolutely delicious kale pesto (kale, almonds, lemon, garlic, and seasoning – heaven) and this was just a droop in the ocean. Healthy eating has taken off in London and it was amazing. DSC_0219DSC_0220DSC_0218As we ate and drank our way around the exhibition hall we had a ball making sure we popped into every single stall, having a look at everything, and (most importantly) trying everything we could. DSC_0246DSC_0243What I loved was how generous each stall was with the samples they offered. People were encouraged to try and eat and I loved that. There is far more chance of me parting with my money if you don’t shoot daggers at me for trying your food. DSC_0221So while you had the well known brands like Nakd Bars (above) and Bounce Energy Balls (below), you also had smaller brands like Mr Singh who makes sauces and pestos which were truly delicious. Both Mother and I loved the variety and flavours – the yellow one is all about the mango. yummy. DSC_0227DSC_0228I loved Seed & Bean’s chocolate. Their flavours were so innovative and exciting. While this wasn’t my favourite, I have to commend the bold lavender flavour in one of their chocolates. I have never had such intense lavender flavour before and it was so unusual. DSC_0230DSC_0231DSC_0240DSC_0233Then Mother and I found ourselves being introduced to the equipment of the moment – the spiralator. Genius contraptions which turns all vegetables into spaghetti like spirals, making dishes so much healthier, and vegetables so much more fun. I have had courgette spaghetti (or courgetti as it is called) before and it is delicious. We definitely left with one of these and I can’t wait to use it. DSC_0244DSC_0242And there were book signings!DSC_0245A massive part of the exhibition were the live cooking demonstrations. We managed to catch two – one with Lorriane Pascale who made brownies, and one with the Hemsley sisters who made four dishes, including a vegetable noodle pot which I will be copying and having at work. DSC_0258DSC_0248DSC_0256DSC_0252DSC_0257DSC_0266 DSC_0263It was a really fantastic event – Mumsie and I left with so many goodies and we both had an amazing time. Thanks Good Food!

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