Down the Rabbit Hole with Airealism 

In 1865 Alice stumbled down the rabbit hole entering a world of intrigue and delight. 150 years later Airealism are plunging back down the rabbit hole, taking audiences on an immersive journey to Wonderland but it isn’t the Wonderland we all recognise – this is a new Wonderland, one never before seen.

The Mad Hatter still holds court over a tea party which never ends. And he tells us the story of Wonderland after Alice. The crazy, beautiful and daring production took my breath away.

As each character was introduced they scared me shitless. I am always like this with acrobatics – how they can not fall is beyond me because I would fall left right and centre. The talent and beauty of their performance took my breath away.

I have never seen such performances in such an intimate space before and this added to my  enjoyment/worry immensely (I could see how close their heads were to the ground…so close). I loved every single moment but my highlight has to have been when the Queen finally made her appearance. She was wonderfully crazy and there were some fantastically insane spins in her routine.

When the performance ended I had this massive grin on my face. It was fantastic and I am so glad I got to see it. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

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