Base Fit Bootcamp with Sweaty Betty

photo 1 (4)I see early mornings as being for two things Рeither sleeping through or working out through. Monday mornings are definitely made for working out, as painful as it may be. And this morning, waking at five in the morning was extremely painful. Getting on the train on the way to Shoreditch (where else but the epicentre of all London based cool?) was equally painful but knowing that my destination was a Sweaty Betty run Base Fit Bootcamp made everything OK.

photo 2 (4)

The bootcamp centred around high intensity training with different pieces of equipment, including ropes! I have always wanted to try ropes and now I can say that I have. I wasn’t great at it but A+ for effort. My shoulders ache so much as I type this, it’s unreal.

photo 3 (2)They look so unassuming and easy don’t they? Like benign snakes.

photo 1 (5)There was also a bungee chord Рpossible the most fun way to practice sprinting. 

photo 3 (3)Now this picture is from @basefitbase’s instagram account. It was taken after the workout finished, hence the smile on my face. But as hard as the work was, it was also incredibly fun. I’ve never been to class like this and never used most of the equipment there – everyone was welcoming and it was a really brilliant way to start my Monday.

photo 2 (5)

I just hope the rest of the week is as fun!

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