Getting Bikini Body Ready

Yesterday as I was spending my customary three hours scrolling through twitter I saw a post from a fitness blogger I am aware of but one I don’t follow religiously. It was titled very similarly to this very post. It’s only three months till summer – if you don’t start working out now you’ll regret it when the sun is shining and all these fit people are putting you to shame – that was her message. Well, to be fair on her, I made the last bit up.

I hate this. I hate posts like this. I hate that they are all targeted to women to make them feel inferior, though the rise and rise of body shaming happening towards men is just as disturbing. (‘Disturbing’ is probably too mild a word). As soon as the smallest hint of warmer weather appears, everyone starts going on and on about getting bikini body ready. Because having a body that functions as a body isn’t enough. It’s the connotations I hate – this is a short term change you need to make just so that in the summer you have something stupid like a thigh gap.

My attitude towards fitness and diet doesn’t fit in with this at all. It’s all long term. It has to always be long term and balanced. In fact if you want a decent, healthy body then there are only two things you need to do:

  1. Eat a little less crap
  2. Move around a little more

And if you want a bikini body follow these instructions:

  1. Buy/get a bikini
  2. Put it on your body

And that’s it – then you are bikini body ready.

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