What happens when you mix Sweaty Betty, Be Pilates, and Natalie Galze?

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Sweaty Betty recently opened their latest London boutique (in Marylebone) and to celebrate they ran a Pilates class. But it’s wasn’t any Pilates class, it was run by Dawne Likhodedova, the Director of Be Pilates and after the class The Nutritionista’s Natalie Glaze came to talk to us about a lifestyle full of balance.

So what does happen when you combine all these three elements? You get a fantastic evening, that’s what.

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As someone who worries about being late, I am almost always early so when I arrived at the store the staff were just rearranging the space to fit a class. This gave me the chance to wonder around, having a look at the collection and mentally creating a shopping list. When I told my mum this she told me to never go to a Sweaty Betty class again – according to her, I have enough work out clothes. My Mum has never been so wrong. 
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Before the class started, we had the chance to have a look at our goody bags. Both Dawne and Natalie had an input of what went in – from Natalie we all received some Doisy & Dam chocolate and from Dawne it was Rare Tea. While I have had the chocolate before (and loved it), I had never had the tea. After the class we had the chance to have a cup and it was delicious. photo 2 (7)

So this is the second time I have ever done Pilates. It wasn’t any easier but just as fun. There is one move, the Hot Potato that I love – I can really feel it in my legs today. photo 3 (4)Listening to Natalie talk was brilliant – I want to write about it in more detail later, in a separate post, but it centred on finding a healthy for you. This differs from person to person and I couldn’t agree more. So many people try to fit one lifestyle onto all people and it never works. Everybody is different and every person has different goals. Also, she loves breakfast as much as I do – never thought that was possible!

I can’t thank Sweaty Betty, Dawne, or Natalie enough for hosting this fantastic evening. It was brilliant and a lovely way to spend a Thursday night.

The first, fourth and fifth pictures were taken by Sweaty Betty.

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