Running the #EnergyTakeover with adidas.

There is something very cool about running through a maze in the streets of London, of having a course which twists and turns and takes you on a journey. Last night a friend and I ran adidas’ Energy Takeover 10k run where all the runners were split into three groups based on wristband colours and each group had a different route to the finish.

photo 1 (9)Both my friend and I had blue wristbands so we were excited and glad to have the chance to run together. As this event was all about adidas’ new Ultra Boost trainers, before the run even started we were all given brand new, epic footwear to run in. This has to be the loveliest thing I have ever been given for participating in a run. I am always cautious about running in new footwear for the first time because I always want to break them in. Of course with this run we didn’t have the option so I was terrified I was going to end up with feet and toes full of blisters. Thankfully this wasn’t the case even though as times my feet did want the shoes they were used to. But these Ultra Boost trainers were like cushions and I quickly because used to them.

photo 3 (6)

photo 2 (9)

photo 1 (8)

When the run started Friend and I followed the blue arrow feeling a little nervous. We had no idea what this run would be like and no idea where we would be running. All we knew was that we would be finishing near Vauxhall Station. Usually when I run, I run on my own so I am not always used to running with someone. After last night I love running with someone. My Friend and I chatted and laughed the whole way, setting a brilliant pace. The route twisted and turned, the first water station was in a pub and the second in a nightclub – how cool is that! We were supposed to use a specially designed compass website to help us navigate the route, but it didn’t work for me or Friend. All the runners we asked on the way said the same thing, so we all had to rely on the stewards and the physical signs. I have to admit that I preferred it like this. I didn’t want to keep staring at my phone.

In the end my friend and I ran a lot more than 10k – no idea how or why but I think there was at least extra 4k that we covered. We took it in our stride and I am so proud of us for not stopping and having a good time all the way to the end.

By the time we reached the finish line, my legs were protesting. It’s been so long since I have run over 10k – my marathon training in 2012 is definitely nothing more than a distant memory. But when we finished we were given these really weighty medals and I instantly felt better. I love a good medal and adidas obvious created something worth having with this one.

photo 3 (5)At the finish line there was water and food waiting for us, as well as foil blankets. I have never had to use one before but last night I did (once Friend and I stopped running we realised just how cold it was) and it actually kept me warm (I don’t know why this amazes me, since runners have been using it for years and years, but it does). We then collected our bags and made our way to the station.

photo 2 (8)This was a really fun race, with arrows and stewards telling us where to go instead of a traditionally marked route. Both Friend and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Here’s hoping adidas host another event like this (and that I get to go!)

adidas did take loads of photos during the race and hopefully I shall have them soon, because I took one photo while actually running and I can’t even tell what it is any more (it’s not in this post). It’s like this blurry, white smudge in a sea of darkness. They photos have to be better.

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