Lunch at Roots & Bulbs 

Once friend and I had had our cultural fill in the V&A at the Savage Beauty exhibition, we decided to find somewhere in Kensington to eat. This wasn’t a hardship as we were surrounded by delicious places to eat. One of them was Roots & Bulbs, a place I’d heard so much about. I’d had their cold pressed juices before but never eaten in their restaurant before. 

 In three words here is my review: it was delicious. I ordered the falafel wrap with ztatziki while my friend decided upon a quinoa salad with the most delicious tangy dressing ever.



It was a delicious lunch and I am looking forward to going there again. After news that Food For Thought, one of my favourite vegetarian restaurants was closing down (I am heartbroken over this) I need all the decent places to eat that I can get. Roots & Bulbs isn’t vegetarian but it had good vegetarian choices and both my friend and I loved it.

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