The best lace dress ever?

TH-15-14-MI-05_5_301101I have been searching for a non-black lace dress for ages. In fact my wardrobe is far too full of black dresses, lace and not. While I am not the biggest fan of the white crazy – as far as I am concerned anything white is just asking for stains. In fact, I am wearing a white cardigan today and a brown stain has magically appeared on my shoulder. It looks like eyebrow pencil but how that got from the pencil or my eyebrows to my shoulder is beyond me. By the end of the day a white dress – a whole white outfit – would be a road map of exactly what I did, and what I ate that day. But, and this is a big but, this white dress (according to the website it’s off-white) is beautiful. And that makes me forget about the danger element.

& Other Stories is already up there in my list of favourite London shops. I love their clean, elegant lines and beautiful prints. So while I am always going to look at whatever this do favourably, I have fallen in love with this dress.




And, if I really don’t want to risk white, it also comes in black. Why can’t it come in a stunning navy blue or deep red?

All images from & Other Stories

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