This is the dawning of the age of the avacado

The super food kalxon should be going crazy right now. Coconut, kale, blueberries, chia seeds, and now the avocado. Well, it’s not now is it? The avocado has been sneaking itself onto toasts since about 2013.

I never thought of having an avocado in any other way than on its own using a spoon to scrape it off it’s skin. If bothered I would drown it in lemon juice and pepper but I would never be adventurous enough to put it in a salad. That was wild.

How times have changed. Now on most days my second breakfast/first lunch is an avocado on toast. I bake with it, blend with it, and cook with it. It’s everywhere and because it’s full of good fats (as opposed to bad, naughty fats) I eat my avocado toast with the self-satisfying knowledge that I am doing something Good For My Body. And with this knowledge I eat another one straight after.

Have you ever had avocado with onion, mango, and mint in a pastry shell? Delicious. An avocado smoothie with nothing but avocado, lemon juice, and seasoning? Also delicious. BUT and this is a big but, if you just try to have an avocado smoothie with no additional flavouring at all when be warned – it tasted like a think, creamy sludge and took all my willpower to drink it and keep it inside me. I suppose even the avocado has limits to it deliciousness.

It’s become this super food which also photographs beautifully (must be that pale shade of green) – there are times when my instagram feed is full of artistically placed avocado bits. Makes me drool and wish 3D printing had developed enough to replicate organic matter (can you imagine what that would lead to?). I don’t know if the rise of avocados will be followed by a fall. Right now it doesn’t seem as if a fall is even on the horizon. But if it did fall, would I stop eating them like I will with chia seeds? Nope, no I won’t.

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