Lisbon, the city of tiles

Earlier this week I was in Lisbon, the city of beautiful, innovative tiles. I loved how they looked in the sunshine and they radiated warmth and fun.DSC_0824

There we tiles decorating houses, inside of churches, and other religious buildings, outside and inside of restaurants and patisseries, in castles and palaces, and on floors.

This is a post full of pictures of tiles. I wanted pictures to help me remember just how varied and beautiful they were. While Sister and I were doing research for this trip we read about how Lisbon’s tile museum was one of the places to go and see. We didn’t understand why but once we landed we quickly did.

DSC_1172DSC_1176DSC_1180DSC_0575DSC_0578DSC_0585DSC_0588DSC_0591DSC_0599DSC_0613DSC_0628DSC_0772DSC_0775DSC_0776DSC_0783DSC_0813DSC_0822DSC_0851DSC_0856DSC_0877DSC_0896DSC_0943Lisbon reminded me a lot of London in the fact that they are both cities with lots (and lots) of sides to them. I will be talking about this a little more in future posts on my trip, but the tiles all over Lisbon added a uniformity that I haven’t ever seen in another city. The tiles, these pieces of artwork all over the place, united all aspects of Lisbon and I loved that – you could tell that they all belonged together.



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