Counting down the days to Be:Fit London

Last year I was first introduced to Be:Fit London, the best kept fitness secret in London. Because I wasn’t able to go last year I have been really looking forward to the 2015 fitness festival. Held on Friday 1st of May to Saturday the 3rd in the Business Design Centre, the festival’s aim is to educate and empower women with the tools and information they need to have a healthier lifestyle.

I cannot wait!

I am going to be going on the Friday and the day is packed full of talks and fitness classes. Everything is focussed on health rather than weight and I love that, because that is what I believe in when it comes to fitness and food. I also decided to treat myself (because treating myself never happens) to a VIP ticket which included a sports massage. I am really looking forward to this – especially if they can help ease some of the pain I have recently started feeling in my knee.

Saturday and Sunday are just as packed too but I have forced myself to not spend too much time looking at their respective schedules since I won’t be there. So if you are going on the weekend you can find full details of their schedule on the site and you can also prebook the classes and talks you are most interested in. There will be tickets on the door but for peace of mind you might want to book yourself a space.

But back to Friday. The schedule is a fitness lover’s dream come true and here are some of the classes I can’t wait to attend.

  1. House of VOGA Workshop, 11am, 1st May 2015. This workshop has been described as a fusion of yoga and ‘vogueing’, a highly stylised dance from the drag ballroom scene in 80s New York. If I ever needed encouragement, that one sentence would get me moving.
  1. Body by Frame, 12.45, 1st May 2015. With the ache in my knee not going away I am always on the lookout for low impact cardio workouts and I think I may have found it. There is a promise for larger and smaller supporting muscle groups to be worked in the class in order to create a well balanced body. There is also a whole element on learning how to hold your frame in the right way in order to prevent injury. I definitely don’t want to miss this.
  1. Charlotte Watts, 13.30, 1st May 2015. Charlotte specialises in helping people switch off and in her talk she will reveal The De-Street Effect, her new revolution in eating, exercise and relaxation that will give balance and vibrancy to bodies.

But this is only the tip of a fitness iceberg – there is so much going on. Tickets are still on sale and if you do choose to come, I hope to see you there!


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