Be:Fit London x Boom Boom Athletica at Boxpark

photo 1 (10)Boom Boom Athletica, a brand new activewear range founded by ultra-marathon runner (and therefore my hero) Ann Johansson launched their new Front Row Spin Leggings last night in Boxpark, Shoreditch in an intimate fashion presentation in the sunshine. And when I say sunshine, I mean the kind of sunshine that has people taking off all their clothes and covering themselves with ice (at least that’s what it felt like after having been so cold for so long).

Ann Johansson talked about her debut collection, the inspiration behind her clothing, and the technical nature of her designs. She also spoke about the touches of design she added to her collection which are purely aesthetic. I am always on the lookout for flattering workout clothes – I have never minded skin tight leggings but I am not a fan of one solid mass of boringness.

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Boom Boom Athletica’s leggings have mesh elements both for breathability and style and most brilliantly, her tank tops have a square neckline. I love square necklines because they flatter almost everyone who wears them. My worry though was that as the neckline is lower than most tanks I wear for working out and the straps aren’t adjustable, it wouldn’t be great for petite people and show too much cleavage. But I tried it on and I was over the moon when that wasn’t the case. It fit so well.

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As I mentioned the whole point of the event was to launch the Front Row Spin Leggings. Ann spoke about the internal padding and comfort these leggings provide anyone who cycles and knows how painful cycle seats can be. As someone who is going to be doing a triathlon (eek! The other day I started bike hire shopping because this shit is real) and has been cycling a lot recently I am looking for clothing which won’t make me walk like an idiot (Ann actually demonstrated this walk and has us all in giggles). So when the presentation was over, the first thing I did was have a look at the leggings. They were on a mannequin and I started groping the mannequin’s bottom trying to feel this padding that I’d heard so much about.

I couldn’t feel anything and wondered what in the world was happing. Where was the padding? The comfort? Then I saw – the padding was exactly where you would need it to be – along the groin and bottom – and not where you don’t, so it didn’t cover the whole derriere region.  Genius.

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Boom Boom Athletica is going to be exhibiting at Be:Fit London (another reason to get yourself some tickets if you haven’t already) and I am really looking forward to paying them a visit. We weren’t able to make any purchases last night but I am pretty sure that those spin leggings have my name written all over them.

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