World Book Night 2015

DSC_0051April 23rd is all about World Book Night, an annual celebration which aims to promote reading in adults. Every years WBN asks people to volunteer as givers and if selected they have the chance to give books away for free – the only stipulation is that the books go to people who aren’t keen readers. I love being part of something which promotes reading and over the weekend I went and collected my books.

(Also in the above photo doesn’t it look as if the books are glowing? No idea how that happened in the photos but I love it. And it’s apt)

I love this book. It is the first in the Agatha Raisin series by M.C. Beaten. I first ‘read’ it as an audiobook which I borrowed from my library a long time ago. Since them I have read/listened to them all and I am so excited to be giving away a book I love.


As this isn’t the first time I have been lucky enough to be a WBN giver, I love how the design of these books change each year. I love the design for this year – the cream border highlight’s the book’s cover so brilliantly and the font is so clean and crisp. Love it. Whoever designed the books this year get a round of applause from me.

What is also very cool is that the whole country is going to be celebrating this brilliant evening. There is a flagship event in London but there are events everywhere and I urge you all to go to them. Especially if they are in your local library.



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