A Day Trip to Sintra

11160577_10152738916791625_8128217553594334495_nOne of the most beautiful day trips Sister and I have ever taken (on any holiday) was to Sintra, a beautiful town just outside of Lisbon. It was easy to get to Sintra by train (just a 20 minute journey from Lisbon) and once we were there we took our time wandering the streets and seeing the sights. The highlight of our trip has to have been Pena Palace, the most fairy-tale castle I have ever seen. By no means though was this the only thing worth drooling over.

10408854_10152738914276625_6335121429723899578_nThe first thing we did was head to the National Palace of Sintra where we bought a combination ticket for the three places we really wanted to visit, the National Palace being the first. What I love about Sintra was that you are allowed to take pictures inside buildings. Flash isn’t allowed as I have never been a huge fan of flash, this wasn’t a price I minded paying.
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Next came the Castle of the Moors with its walls leading up right to the top of a largish hill / smallish mountain where you could see all of Sintra.

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From here we could also see our third destination, Pena Palace, and it was this red building in a sea of greens and grey.



Pena Palace is also up a steep-ish hill. If you ever travel to this area there are buses which will take you up but if you chose to walk, as Sister and I did, be warned that you will sweat and that it is totally worth it. At Pena Palace is so high up, when you come upon it you can only see a little, and slowly you get to see the enormity of the palace. Also the colours and the tiles. This palace has have inspired Disney.

Once we’d seen these three places, an bought our fill of postcards, we stopped over in a little café called Bristol, where over a mocha topped with cream, Sister and I wrote postcards. It’s a tradition we have – wherever we go, whether we travel together or not we always write postcards to each other. Sometimes the postcards reach home before we do and sometimes after (in one memorable case it was so long after that I thought I’d dreamt writing them). This was followed by some shopping. Sintra’s main shopping road (winding alley may be a better description) is targeted towards tourists. So of course, Sister and I loved it.



It was a fantastic day out. Really lovely and consistently beautiful.If you ever go to Lisbon then i definitely recommend Sintra.


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