Launching Scarlett Couture at Forbidden Planet


Last night I went to the launch of Des Taylor’s newest comic, Scarlett Couture. Hosted by Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue not only was Des there to sign the comics but so was Viktoria Dobos, the live action version of Scarlett. I was excited about this since it’s not often any comic has a female spy and Scarlett is definitely my type of woman.

Comic books are all about the men but this has never made me love them less yet I was really, really aware of this as I was queuing up. The men behind me were making really lewd ‘jokes’, and I was the only woman I saw (though I really hope there were others). But this post isn’t about the sexism in comic book shops (what a very focussed and narrow topic!) it’s about Scarlett Couture – a badass spy and I loved getting the chance to meet Des Taylor and Viktoria Dobos

I was lucky enough to be ahead enough in the queue to get my hands on some amazing limited edition prints. One shows Scarlett falling through the sky fighting an assailant with the landscape of Dubai in the background (how cool is that!) while the other shows the illustrated Scarlett on one side and live action Scarlett on the other.

How amazing are Des’ illustrations? I love the dynamism he has given his Scarlett. She looks as if she is about to leap out of the page. Plus as someone who is hugely involved in the fashion world, she wears the best clothes.

I can’t thank Des and Viktoria enough for all the signed amazing comics and prints. It was very cool meeting them and getting the chance to talk to them. I was also called a VIP and what I said then I will say now – long may that sentiment last.

I actually cannot wait to read Scareltt Couture and subsequent issues. Long may such interesting female characters be created.

All the photos are mine except for the top one – all copyright for that one belongs to the photographer, Russell Singler.


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