Be:Fit London 

Today I had the pleasure of going to Be:Fit London – a fitness festival that I have been looking forward to going for ages. The festival is still going on tomorrow and Sunday and I really recommend it. It’s full of classes, expert talks and curated exhibitors. It was a brilliant day.

I was wearing Michi NY leggings, adidas Stella McCartney top and adidas Boost trainers. 

I actually got there really early and I am really glad about this. My first class started really soon after the doors opened so I wanted to have a quick look around before the first sweat of the day. But before I get into the shopping, I want to talk about the classes. There were so many happening and I went to three. The first was House of Voga.

It was my kind of yoga – a mixture of yoga and Vogueing, the latter being a highly stylised dance form which originated in 80s New York on the drag ballroom scene. The whole class (a 90 minute class which went by so quickly) was full of dramatic power moves and poses, making the whole class hugely enjoyable. Plus Juliet Murrell, the creator was our instructor and she was brilliant. At the end I caught up with her for a photo. Of course we posed.

After House of Voga it was Body by Frame. This was a high intensity work out full ofcool, fun sequences which exhausted me and my poor muscles. There were jabs, kicks, uppercuts, and punches. I loved it. This class was also 15 minutes after the first one so the sweat was actually pouring off me. I caught up with the trainers at the end for a very, very sweaty photo.

The third class I went to was Insanity with the fantastic Tanya. She is one of my favourite instructors and with other Insanity trainers I think I sweated more than I ever have. It was a fantastic class with a warm up (I thought it was the actual workout), a section on balance, and a section on agility. When the work out finished I was grinning like a lunatic – endorphin high and the sweet, sweet knowledge that I was done for the day. At least exercise wise, shopping wise it was a different story.

I had to take a post three workout selfie in the loos. Had to be done. 

The Reebok Fitness studio, where all the classes happened was upstairs, while downstairs there were food, and clothing stalls. I loved this bit. Zeezee were offering a 10% discount to everyone who posted a selfie and I found myself leaving their stall with a lovely new sports bra. I also had to stop at Boom Boom Athletica where their collection is about to expand – in two weeks’ a stunning blue sports bra is going to go on sale. That and their cycle leggings have my name on them.

I bought some yoghurt from The Collective, where their fresh yoghurt actually tastes natural. I also loved Oatley where the milk, made for humans rather than cows. Every single stall had samples and every single store had a visit from me. I tried everything and I bought what I loved. If you are planning on doing this I definitely recommend it – everyone there was so lovely and so helpful. One of my favourite stalls has to be Abel & Cole – I love looking at their displays of fresh produce. Plus they introduced me to kale pesto and therefore I will always love them.

While I wasn’t shopping or sweating I was relaxing in the Luxe Lounge since I had decided to treat myself to a Luxe ticket. I have never done anything like this before but I loved it. It was so nice just to sit down and look at everything I’d bought and talk to other people about their experiences. My luxe ticket also included a sports message and, now reflecting on this day once it’s done, was definitely the best part of my day. I have never had a sports message before and getting the muscles in my legs kneaded and loosened was fantastic. I had no idea how tight they were until she started working on them with her elbows (!). I had heard of sports messages, of course I had, but everything made it sound as if they were painful. Yes she put a lot of pressure in her movements but it was so wonderful that I almost fell asleep.

That was the last thing I did. After that I collected all my goody bags and made my way back home. I want to talk about the goody bags. If you are going over the weekend, make sure you collect all the ones you can because the things inside them are really good! On the same floor as the Reebok Fitness Studio there is the goody bag collection point. Make sure you go there! On the ground floor, Cosmo are also giving out goody bags – these cost £5 but are full of brilliant things and I do recommend them. And if you have a luxe ticket then make sure you collect your luxe goody bag too.

I loved the whole day and I was so proud of myself for not wasting any money unnecessarily, which is really easy to do. If you are going to go, I hope you have a wonderful time and if you are thinking about going next year, then I hope you do – I will!

But before I sign off, I have one last tip! Make sure you all #BreakYourSelfie at the Reebok stand!


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