Quad biking and archery archer-ing

On Sunday I had the chance to go quad biking, something I last did at the age of 13 and archery, another thing I did at 13. Then it was a school trip to Wales (where I don’t remember) where my overriding memory is having to hug every cone I hit when quad biking, and I hugged them all. I also couldn’t hit the target. Was anything different all these years later? Well this time there weren’t cones but bridges and floods and muddy banks. Did I fall off? That is the question.

And the answer is no. Though the engines were so loud no one heard me screaming ‘I am going to die’ as I navigated particularly nasty bends and almost fell of my bike due to the angle and gravity. I was terrified and exhilarated as I tried to control my acceleration. There was one point when I became completely stuck in the sludgy mud and managed to drown the friend behind me in mud – even she found it hilarious and the instructor was in stitches.

In the end I was so in love with quad biking that I was thoroughly disappointed when it was over. But it didn’t mean that our Day of Fun was over, oh no, there was archery next. This was something Sister and I were both really looking forward too. As I said, I’d only used a bow and arrow once in my life and failed miserably at it. She however had taken it up during her time in Uni and was eager to get her hands on the bow again.

I gave myself multiple pats on the back at how I did. At one point I was so close to a bullseye that I am just going to call it a bullseye.


All of this took place because of Southern Pursuits at Tullys Farm, the ultimate destination for people who like outdoor activities and are based in London (they are just a little way away from Gatwick airport). This isn’t everything they offer. There is also clay pigeon shooting and axe throwing. Axe throwing. AXE throwing. This time I got to channel my inner Hawkeye, next time I will channel my inner Thor (let’s just pretend he has an axe and not a hammer).


All of us had a fantastic mud filled day full of laughter. Plus they have a truly value for money cafe on the farm too where portion sizes make everything worth the money you pay. Food is always good!

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