After what seems like years of campaigning, today is the day people from all around the UK exercise their democratic right to vote and help choose who will run the country for the next 5 years. Last time there wasn’t an overall majority and truthfully I don’t think there will be one this time either. I do think the UK’s political landscape will be a lot more interesting and accountable if parties have to work together and are actually answerable to the people they govern.

I always vote after work and it is a tradition my family have. However loads of people vote before they get to work and the jealousy I felt, even knowing that I would soon be voting was incredible. Hello green eyed monster, you’re powerful today. I know you all are from all over the world and I just hope that if you ever have the chance to vote that you do. This right was hard won and too easily forgotten.

I heard on the news recently that this election has more people talking and more people willing to vote than many others. Tomorrow we will find out if that’s true when the numbers are released but from a very subjective point of view I think this is case. Of course I surround myself with people who feel the same as I do so I am definitely biased when I agree with that claim. Here’s hoping that people do vote because it can make a difference.

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