Oh running, you fickle mister(ess)

Every week I run between three of four times. This week on Monday I went to another Gentlewoman run club with Nike and it was a lovely distance of 6k. I like these slightly longer distances so was really looking forward to it. The issue is that whole I ran comfortably run this distance, and longer, I am not a very fast runner. The women in the 6k group with me were fast. Really fast and it took everything I had (all my will power and determination) to keep up with them. For the most part I did but it hurt and my body was still sore from the classes and sports massage I got at BeFit the week before.

Then on Wednesday when I went for my normal lunch time run I found I couldn’t actually do it. In the end I had to cut it short. It was definitely mental but also physical: my body just really hurt. My legs felt like lead and I was slower than I had ever been. I ‘blamed’ the Monday session but really, how much blame can I put on that? This isn’t the first time this has happened to me and I have rarely had a really intensive session before hand.

Today when I went for my lunch time run things were back to normal. I completed my regular 5.5k run without my body feeling like it was falling apart. I do think I was ridiculously slow (or slower as the case probably is) but I was just glad that today’s run wasn’t the same as Wednesday’s run. It was a good, solid run which just told me that I can still do it. But more than this it told me that I need to give myself some days off too. I am very regimented with my routine and when I miss a lunchtime or evening run I hate it. But maybe the key is to be more responsive to my body – and be more flexible. I obviously needed another day of rest and I can’t help wondering what would have happened if I had postponed Wednesday’s run to Thursday.

Running brings me so much joy but more importantly it has allowed me to get to know my body a lot more. And my body is all kinds of extraordinary – I just need to remember to listen to it.


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