Sun’s out, guns out

IMG_5860I read that title and I wish I had guns. I have arms and they have muscles but they are definitely not guns. I wish they were but wishing has never got anyone anywhere, especially not in fitness terms. So I have started lifting weights and it is starting to make a difference (I could feel that difference when I went to Lisbon and had to use public transport to get me and my suitcase to the airport) and over the weekend I went to my first weight lifting class.

Usually the classes I go to have a weight element to them but this one was purely weightlifting (and squatting and lunging while you lift weights) and I can feel it in my arms today. The class was called Body Pump, the original Les Mills barbell class, and at a Fitness First studio. I wanted to try it because it is for anyone looking to get leaner, stronger muscles. And I can tell you that today, a day after the class my muscles are feeling it.

The focus of the class was on low weights, repetitive movements, and a very slow speed. The slower you work, the harder you work and there were moments when it took everything I had not to drop the weights by my feet. But I didn’t and that deserves pats on the back all round. The class was incredible – really incredible and it was actually really nice to concentrate on my arms for a change. I run so my legs are already fairly strong and well-muscled – they don’t need more attention.

I really recommend it to anyone who already lifts weights or anyone who would like to start. The instructor was amazing – she pushed me without making me want to never go back again. She said to me that no matter what weight I choose to lift if you work hard then I will progress. This was really nice to hear since there was one class I went to once where the weight was so heave I didn’t enjoy myself at all. This time it was far more manageable and I pushed myself – I know I achieved more in this class with a lower weight then I did in the other class with a much higher weight.

Also, and most brilliantly everything we did was timed perfectly to some fantastic songs. I can’t imagine how long it takes to develop and create these workouts so that they fit perfectly with the beat of popular music but I hugely appreciated it. I always find it easier to work out to music. Plus it’s definitely more fun. I will be going back next week and am really looking forward to it.

Pretty soon I am going to have guns!


    • Rosh 11th May 2015 / 10:55 am

      Yes!! That adrenaline high is amazing ins’t it? And I felt so good with myself

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