Running you really are a fickle mister(ess)

This is a short addition to my previous post where I talked about I suddenly had a performance (mental and physical slump). Yesterday it was as if I was on a high.


This brilliant photo wasn’t taken by me, but by Anna Turbelin who was one of the Nike pacers at yesterday’s event. As you can see from my face I was having a fantastic time. I truly expected things to be a lot worse and a lot more painful. The fantastic thing was that after the run Six Physio were there waiting to talk to us and they were so helpful in offering me advice and alleviating some of my fears about my knees. It was a good session and I genuinely can’t thank Nike and Six Physio enough because knowing that my body isn’t falling apart and that I can still do it is such a big gift.

What I am worried about is my Track Training Session on Wednesday. It’s going to be all about sprinting and I can tell you now that sprinting is a foreign concept to my body unless there is a finish line in sight. May the force be with me.

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