Midi dress? I’ll take trainers with that, thank you.

I love midi dresses and midi skirts, but I didn’t own a midi dress until I bought this one from ASOS the other week. Sadly the forest green was sold out in my size so I went for the black version. When I put it on it reached about mid-calf and I loved it. It would look smashing (yes I did just use that word) with a pair of trainers.image1xxl

And as the dress is black any colour trainers would go amazingly but I have in mind one of these:


As the dress is black, any colour would go with them and I would be willing to wear any, except maybe the black as the whole point of having a full black outfit is to be able to wear some colour with it. I love the idea of a dress with trainers but, and here is the big but, should I forgo the trainers and wear heels? Of course I can wear heels when I feel like it but the idea of trainers tickles me pink.

Trainers are worn with everything but as a petite woman, should I be trying to elongate myself? I am very confident with the height that I have but a part of me is absolutely sure that trainers aren’t the way to go. The rest of me knows it is the way to go.

What would you do?

Neither of the images are mine: first is asos and second is adidas

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